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Welcome to Safety in Workplaces Australia

SIWA’s vision is to bring together all players in Australian workplaces for functional networking and sharing of experiences and knowledge. Through this cooperation, we will together, develop knowledge and appreciation for the delivery of business and employment improvement outcomes. We promote the development of comprehensive and sustainable enhancements across health, safety, hazards and risk in all Australian workplaces.

Graduate Certificate in Psychology of Risk

Human-Dymensions-Trans-LogoSIWA recommends the “Human Dymensions” / Australian Catholic University studies at post graduate level in the Social Psychology of Risk.
These studies provide an understanding of the human dymensions intimately controlling the success or failure of safety risk and are a must for the Safety Professional seeking to lead.

This  intensive school is comprised of two units of face-to-face lectures, seminars and workshop sessions and two online units.
The studies are developed and presented utilizing the expertise of Dr Robert Long, and staff and associates in the Human Dymensions team.

The next intake (commencing Unit 1) is for 10-14 March 2014. – Places are limited.

The Graduate Certificate is comprised of 4 units:
Unit 1. The Social Psychology of Risk Introduction (Face to face)
Unit 2. Leadership and the Social Psychology of Risk (On Line)
Unit 3. Communicating and Consulting About Risk (Face to face)
Unit 4. The Social Psychology of High Reliability Organisations (On Line)

For Further information and Registration visit: http://www.humandymensions.com/post-graduate-studies

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Anouncements: SIA Committee Member apologizes for defamatory publications

In an out of court settlement in April this year, Mr Trevor Love, provided a retraction and apology to Mr Waugh for defamatory publications. At the time of the publications, Mr Love was the Safety Institute of Australia (SIA), committee member representing Queensland. Mr Waugh was the SIA National Secretary.

Mr Waugh commenced civil action when the SIA failed to ensure the organisations’ purported ethical standards were upheld following an internal SIA investigation that found that the conduct of various SIA members towards Mr Waugh has been: (1) disrespectful and, at times, overbearing; (2) paternalistic and dictatorial. The SIA then went on to reward Mr Love with life membership.

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