Australia’s professional, National member driven occupational health and safety institute is dedicated to providing professional support for, and service to, persons and corporate entities. To lead safety enhancement across Australia, SIWA Ltd has been established as a ‘not for profit’ public ‘Company Limited by Guarantee’, bound by Australian Corporations law and ethics.


Our vision is to bring together all areas and fields of Occupational Health and Safety across Australia for a functional networking and sharing of experiences and knowledge.  Through this cooperation, we will together develop a deep appreciation for where the interactions of each specialty area may impact on the delivery of improvement outcomes in other specialty areas and so for the first time in Australian Occupational Safety and Health History, develop comprehensive and sustainable enhancement of Safety in Workplaces in Australia. This holistic approach also provides a sound platform for promoting business continuity and profitability without detriment to the employed.

As an organisation for members, run by members, we are committed to supporting our members

Leading with Ethical Standards

Initial or continuing Membership is subject to observing our ethical principles;

·       respect every other members right to a point of view

·       refrain from abuse or insult or defamatory implication of another member or SIWA Limited

·       shall in relation to their OSH employment and all SIWA Limited matters, functions or related events, act in a respectful manner normally expected of a practicing or professional person

·       comply with the intent of Safety & Health related law at all times

·       comply with the SIWA Limited constitution and regulations

The Australian Institute for Astute Occupational Safety and Health Professionals (OHS)

SIWA engages with Universities and other learning institutes to develop and maintain currency of industry relevant qualification courses. If you are looking for a truly Professional society to support your College or University study and research interests then become a member now. SIWA provides complimentary membership to full time students of public and private colleges and institutes.

SIWA is building a comprehensive library of OHS knowledge, experience and resources defining good industry practices, standards and benchmarks to directly benefit members.

SIWA Ltd is the Australian Institute supporting and promoting Occupational Health and Safety Practitioners

SIWA Ltd is committed to supporting OSH technicians, Officers and Elected Health and Safety Representatives (HSR’s) in their workplaces through mentoring activities and the provision of tools and practice standards.

Specialty Support and Promotion of Rehabilitation and Workers Compensation Professionals and Practitioners

For too long attention to safety in Australian workplaces has been divided where Occupational Safety and Health prevention existed on one side of the divide and Injury Management, Workers Compensation and Rehabilitation on the other. It is our commitment to maximize benefits to both views through support and promoting shared knowledge and experiences of both sides.

SIWA is providing a dedicated specialty organisation for Workers Compensation and Rehabilitation Professionals and Practitioners. Join now and promote your specialty.

SIWA Specialty Functions

SIWA Education and Training Academy

For educators, trainers, universities, colleges and RTO’s

SIWA Workplace Safety and Health, Law Foundation

For Legal Practitioners and Enforcement Officers

SIWA Rehabilitation and Workers Compensation Society

For Insurers, Rehabilitation Practitioners and Injury Case Managers

SIWA Workplace Safety Risk Management Society

For organisation Executives and Risk Managers

SIWA Elected Health and Safety Representatives (HSR) Collaborative Network

For Elected Health and Safety Representatives

SIWA Commitment to Members

SIWA will support, progress, promote, protect, review, publicise and advance the;

·       profession, science, art, education, skills, attitudes, knowledge and technologies of occupational, safety and health, risk and compliance, practice, and management, including workers compensation, injury management and rehabilitation

·       enhancement of political recognition and attention to community benefits to be obtained from good safety and health, risk and compliance, practice, and management

·       establishment and development of a library of competent OHS knowledge and experience through members, other professions, other occupations and community contributions

·       engagement of industry, trade and commerce to develop and promote community and industry, safety and health, risk and compliance, practice, and management standards and benchmarks

·       development of the career, professional interests, practice standing and ethical conduct of members within their locality or region or specialty

·       provision scholarships, bursaries, sponsorships, prizes and awards for excellence in safety and health, risk and compliance, practice, and management, education and teaching

·       provision of members access and engagement in reviews, comments and/or presentations on safety and health, risk and compliance, practice, and management; statute, public policy, standard or benchmarking

·       engagement in or provision of non biased, professional, specialist, representation for dispute resolution, in the settlement of occupational safety and health, risk management or practice disputation

·       encouragement of members engagement and communications without fear or favour