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OS+H Asia 2014 – Visitor Registration is now open

OS+H Asia is firmly established as the region’s most important exhibition for all involved in workplace safety and health. The biennial exhibition remains unique in Southeast Asia and returns for the 9th time in Singapore, providing a comprehensive selection of new products, technologies, services and solutions applicable across diverse industries and sectors. OS+H Asia 2014 […]

The new National Assessment Instruments (NAIs) for High Risk Work

The new National Assessment Instruments should never have been released. They are still flawed beyond belief more than 21 months after their first release. There has also been a !A version released for cranes that changed one single word.  What on earth were the people who released them thinking? Not only that, but why are […]

The falls tragedy continues: how it could be averted

A new report from Safe Work Australia contains some surprises that show we must take a new approach to fall prevention says height safety expert Carl Sachs of Workplace Access & Safety. A mind-boggling 49-page report crammed with statistics from Safe Work Australia has some incredibly powerful lessons for Australia’s OHS regulators, employers and anyone […]

Measurement and Reporting of Work Health and Safety Performance Review

Safe Work Australia is working closely with the International Governance and Performance (IGAP) Research Centre at Macquarie University, to standardise and improve work health and safety reporting by businesses and organisations. They further claim this work is being co-funded by the Safety Institute of Australia and CPA Australia. Currently there is a lack of standardised […]

Management Obligations for Health & Safety

In recent years, the safety management field has placed leadership and commitment at the center of effective workplace health and safety programs. At the same time, personal liability for workplace health and safety has increased, resulting in poor outcomes for individual managers. Discussing the minimum expectations that courts and tribunals have of managers, Management Obligations […]

MARCSTA MONITOR – December 2013

The current edition of the MARCSTA Monitor is available for download here. Subscribers are also able to download a copy from the (MINING AND RESOURCE CONTRACTORS SAFETY TRAINING ASSOCIATION) MARCSTA website www.marcsta.com Please note an error has been identified on page 1.  The record of Dr Sharma’s name is incorrect.  The correct name should be […]

Contractor Safety Management

This book by Greg Smith looks specifically at issues for health and safety management that arise in contracting relationships, bringing together a range of perspectives from different disciplines including legal, health and safety management, operational, contract and procurement management. By sharing lessons from both success and failure to identify critical issues in contractor safety management […]

Resources Safety – prosecutions likely to rise in WA

Three years ago WA’s Department of Mines and Petroleum set up an specialist Investigations Branch to gather evidence to prosecute resources companies for safety breaches in a far more professional and focussed way. All serious incidents that have occurred since mid-2011 have been investigated by this Branch and decisions will soon be taken as to […]

2nd Annual Injury Management & Return To Work conference

Taking a proactive approach to prevention, rehabilitation & retention Event: 2nd Annual Injury Management & Return To Work conference  (Click here for more information) Date:   17-19 February 2014 Venue: Sir Stamford Circular Quay in Sydney – New South Wales This case study driven event will delve deeper into the roots of injury management and showcase […]

Working Safely in the Sun

    Lunchtime information session   There are many work environments in Western Australia where workers are required to work long hours in the sun which increases their risk of overexposure to UV radiation and heat stress.   This presentation will cover the basics of identification, assessment, and control of sun related hazards in the […]