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Measurement and Reporting of Work Health and Safety Performance Review

work health safetySafe Work Australia is working closely with the International Governance and Performance (IGAP) Research Centre at Macquarie University, to standardise and improve work health and safety reporting by businesses and organisations. They further claim this work is being co-funded by the Safety Institute of Australia and CPA Australia.

Currently there is a lack of standardised and accepted indicators to measure the work health and safety performance of organisations and businesses at the organisational level. Work health and safety information can and is being reported on a voluntary basis, however reporting is often selective and inconsistent. This hinders comparisons of work health and safety performance and due diligence reporting over time and across organisations.

From SIWA’s perspective, although it is commendable that such a study has been commenced it remains sad to see such an important issue squirreled away in such an anonymous report. I have just had a quick scan of the report and note the fundamental tenet of safety is missing as it focuses almost solely on antiquated theory and historic compliance practice. Because of this I fear that the outcome will be the same as the current ASNZ standards on incident reporting – fundamentally flawed to the point each user is able to continue to report differently. The report again fails to competently address the fundamental of safety by ensuring  segregation from the rest of business – that alone is debilitating to a sound capacity to report anything capable of contributing to business safety improvement. It remains unaccountable in the business sense and I am very surprised the CPA has endorsed it with such a failure included.

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