This page promotes Safety and Health publications written by our members and associates.

Our current list includes

  • Enhancing Safety – An Australian Workplace Guide 1 by Taylor, Easter & Hegney – also published in Spanish and Chinese
  • Advancing Safety – An Australian Workplace Guide 2 by Taylor, Easter & Hegney
  • Odds Gods and Accidents by Geoff Taylor
  • Management Obligation for Health & Safety by Greg Smith
  • Contractor Safety Management by Greg Smith
  • Australian Workplace Occupational Health Management – A Practical Guide by Berni Cameron
  • Rehabilitation – Work & Beyond by Tanya Barrett

Management Obligations for Health & Safety

Book Management Obligation for H&S Greg Smith

In recent years, the safety management field has placed leadership and commitment at the center of effective workplace health and safety programs. At the same time, personal liability for workplace health and safety has increased, resulting in poor outcomes for individual managers. Discussing the minimum expectations that courts and tribunals have of managers, Management Obligations for Health and Safety examines the relationship between those expectations and effective safety performance.

The book looks at safety management from the perspective of management obligations. What expectations are placed on managers at all levels of an organization to ensure that the workplace and systems of work are safe, and how are these expectations considered and analyzed by courts and public inquiries? As importantly, the book explores how management actions in relation to these obligations and expectations influence, positively or negatively, the safety performance of an organization. With examples drawn from legal and quasi-legal processes, one of the more enlightening and thought-provoking features of this book is the extensive use of cross examination taken from various proceedings.

No one person reacts the same to finding him- or herself responsible for managing the aftermath of a death at work, or having to deal with the immediate pressure of being subject to interviews and investigation by safety regulators (much less the drawn-out experience of the legal process), but one of the most constant reactions is “Why didn’t anybody tell me about this?” Stressing the importance of safety culture, this book details the true nature of the expectations that are placed on managers by virtue of their obligation to provide a safe workplace.

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MARCSTA MONITOR – December 2013

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Contractor Safety Management

Book Contractor Safety Management Greg SmithThis book by Greg Smith looks specifically at issues for health and safety management that arise in contracting relationships, bringing together a range of perspectives from different disciplines including legal, health and safety management, operational, contract and procurement management. By sharing lessons from both success and failure to identify critical issues in contractor safety management the book raises awareness of the complexity and importance of contractor safety management and to offer some guidance on how those critical issues might be addressed.

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